William D. Massey

I love light... for as long as I can remember, I was fascinated by it. Photography was a natural extension, and for many years now, I rarely go anywhere without my camera. It's not a tool or a career, it is a part of who I am.

I began my "obsession" when my grandmother bought me a camera in 1975, and I began using photography to support myself 30 years ago when I was hired by the Tennessee Valley Authority's Young Adult Conservation Corps, where I documented various U.S. government watershed projects throughout the southeast. After graduating, I spent five years as a Medical Photographer at the University of Alabama Birmingham, then ten years in various sales and marketing positions with Eastman Kodak before jumping into full time freelance commercial photography in 1998.

A veteran of film, still video, CCD and CMOS sensors, I find that while the tools may evolve, being a "visual problem solver" never gets old; I love what I do, regardless of the technology that helps me arrive at the final image.

Bottom line: I love telling visual stories, and I'm told that I make exceptionally pretty pictures. I make a practice of taking a little light, timing, angle & insight, apply experience and enthusiasm, and satisfy my craving... while consistently exceeding client expectations.